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A goal without a plan is just a wish


Thanks for taking one step forward! To be transparent in what I do, and what you should expect, I jotted down some notes for you. I can complete all three aspects or mix and match to meet your needs, but I’ll never skip planning.



Creating a marketing plan isn’t as boring as you think. My process is more of a casual conversation of getting to know who you are. Think of it as a blind date, but with post-it notes. There will be a lot of questions, laughing, and maybe we’ll talk to each other the next day.


Plan-It Earth Creative focuses on strategy. I ask questions and listen about where you want to be in the future and help you achieve those goals.

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I love Powerpoint. But it’s not meant for producing high-end publications. I use Adobe Creative. And I partner with talented experts in photography and video so I can have all your bases covered.

I have more than 20+ years of design experience. I’ve designed for healthcare, education, and manufacturing organizations.


Plan-It Earth Creative designs printed materials, logos and marketing materials, but my true passion is managing and creating engaging stories. Through photographers and videographers, and a group of valued peers in the marketing world, we will give you our best . 


All the effort put into design results in increased sales and brand awareness. 


With a touch of my own background in fine arts and marketing, you will get a focused and creative campaign that’s clean and simple in its message and design.


I can oversee your marketing campaigns if you don’t have the workforce or be a consultant to your in-house team if you need a little guidance and strategy. An outsider’s perspective is sometimes the best route to implementing new strategies.

Can I guide you towards your goal if you have a capable, outstanding team already? Absolutely. Can I physically do the work for you? I can do that too.



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