Thanks for taking one step forward!

To be transparent in what I do, and what you should expect, I jotted down some notes for you.
I can complete all four aspects or mix and match to meet your needs, but I’ll never skip planning.

Planning and Strategy

Creating a marketing plan isn’t as boring as you think. My process is more of a casual conversation of getting to know who you are.


Think of it as a blind date, but with post-it notes. There will be a lot of questions, laughing, and maybe we’ll talk to each other the next day.


Plan-It Earth Creative adapts to your style of communication whether it’s talking on the phone, sending emails or video conferencing through Zoom or Google Meet.

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Design Services

Plan-It Earth Creative not only designs printed materials, logos and websites but creates stunning storytelling through photography and video. I outsource to our small knit group of valued peers, who will give you their best and have the same high standards as myself. 


All the effort put into design results in increased sales and brand awareness. 


With a touch of my own background in fine arts and marketing, you will get a focused and creative campaign that’s clean and simple in its message and design.


Plan-It Earth Creative is different from your typical consulting group. I scale my pricing and team to fit your needs.


If you have a bottomless pit of revenue to work with, and your reach is on a global scale, I rely on my valued partnerships with local vendors to get the job done and manage from the top.


If you are a small business that is on a strict budget, I get my hands dirty and do it myself. There’s no need to pull in a group of designers when you just need a simple solution.


I can implement your marketing campaigns completely if you don’t have the workforce or be a consultant to your in-house team if you need a little guidance and strategy. An outsider’s perspective is sometimes the best route to implementing new strategies.

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Promotion and Advertising

Promotion and advertising, strategies that are as old as time but more expensive than days of old.


Luckily, the process is faster now, but it’s not necessarily easier. I understand the confusion you might have when you hear words like click rates, impressions and SEO, but Plan-It Earth Creative makes it easy to understand.


There will be times where we don’t get the results we’re seeking. And I’m prepared for that. Be comforted that I am constantly learning new methods and innovative ideas to obtain your goals.


Let’s Get Started!

If you’re ready, fill out the form to get a free marketing audit. Give me your wants and needs. If you don’t know what you want, Plan-It Earth Creative can:

  • Help you plan
  • Design your marketing materials
  • Implement your goals
  • Promote your brand


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